Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tirgu Mures seen by night

Tonight, i took a little walk on the streets of Tirgu Mures, with a friend of mine, and i couldn`t help myself, so i took some pictures. The city of Tirgu Mures, a great city of Transylvania, is a very beautyfull city, especially at night, when all things can be seen differently. The pictures were taken on Gheorghe Marinescu Street, and the others, near that street. I hope you'll enjoy the beauty of this city, of Transylvania, the beauty of the streets, seen by night, and the silence of a city that sleeps, a city with quiet streets and great people.

So have a look to the pictures below, and while you do that, you can also listen to Enya - Only Time. Enjoy the beauty of the streets of Tirgu Mures, seen at night.

And here is a movie ( "Night in Targu Mures") made by myself a year ago, reflecting the same thing - The beauty of Tirgu Mures, seen by night


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