Thursday, June 19, 2008

Credit Card for Students

best credit card deals

In Targu Mures, there are 2 options a student can take if he wants a credit card or a debit card. One of them is the Studcard, a student card that gives some advantages for students, i wrote about it here. The other solutions is offered by one of the most modern bank in Targu Mures, wich is the ING Bank. They have the most modern branch of a bank in the city, with ATM and a Multimat, secured, and open for public just untill 11:00 pm.

The new credit card offered by ING, is the most secure credit/debit card in Romania, and has lots of advantages for the students. Because they dont have to pay any comission for the transactions they make, at the multymat.The ING Student Card, is one of the best credit card deals in town. Among the credit card rewards the following can be pointed out as the most important ones: any transaction between 2 ING accounts is free for students, if you keep money on your account, you get an interest at the rate of almost 8 per cent per year, calculated for the money in your accound at the end of the day. The interest will be paid in your accound at the end of each mount.

The ING visa credit cards for students, can be easily used with paypal, i tried the visa credit card, and it works just fine.

What documents do you need to make this credit card ?

You need your identity card, your note book, or student identification card, or an oficial paper that prooves that you are student.



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